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Mr. Breit is a reservoir engineer with over 40 years. experience in designing and conducting reservoir engineering and simulation studies in both conventional and EOR areas. His duties in this regard have ranged from writing complete numerical simulation software suites to performing enhanced oil recovery studies and full field simulation studies to managing of simulation software development and maintenance and integrated studies project management.

Mr. Breit's technical expertise includes all aspects of performing reservoir engineering studies; from designing studies, developing simulators, planning work schedules and budgets for studies, executing studies, training end users, to presenting study results to management. He is proficient in the use of both VIP and Eclipse simulation software systems and has performed simulation studies for clients in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the North Sea, Germany, Libya, and Algeria and all of the major basins of the United States including the north slope of Alaska.

In recent years, he has specialized in whole field compositional simulation studies involving very large grid systems, with initial properties distributed using Geostatistical modeling techniques. As a result of this work Mr. Breit has authored an .integrated studies simulation coarse. that he has taught at over 15 locations world-wide during the past 5 years. The coarse includes sections on geo-cellular modeling, scale-up of properties, PVT and other test data integration into a study, history matching, prediction set-up and execution, and uncertainty analysis of intermediate and final results featuring decision-tree analysis and Monte Carlo simulation techniques.


2002 to Present . Chairman of the Board, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

Duties continued to include performing reservoir simulation studies and managing integrated study teams. Recent studies have been in Venezuela, Mexico, and Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Developed .integrated simulation studies course.. Along with this, Mr. Breit has been responsible for long term planning and directing company officers.

1998 to 2001 - President, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

Duties included performing simulation studies in Algeria, Venezuela, and the North Slope of Alaska, along with directing the day to management of the company.

1989 to 1998 - Vice-President, International Reservoir Technologies, Inc.

Duties included directing and conducting all aspects of reservoir simulation studies with emphasis on compositional and miscible displacement reservoir studies. This included studies of horizontal drilling activities in the Williston Basin in the U.S., CO2 flood studies in the Permian Basin in Texas, Miscible Gas injection and full field studies for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and dual porosity modeling of the Cantarell complex in Mexico. Also performed corporate marketing and planning functions for the start-up of International Technologies, Inc.

1986 to 1989 - Manager (Simulators), Scientific Software-Intercomp

Manage all development, maintenance, installation, and user-training activities for department charged with support of a commercial reservoir simulation system with over 25 clients. Technical duties also included software-benchmarking efforts.

1982 to 1986 - Manager (EOR Studies), Scientific Software-Intercomp

Directed EOR studies of gas cycling, polymer flooding, chemical flooding, thermal flooding, and miscible gas flooding worldwide. The group performed multi-discipline studies that included petrophysics through reservoir simulation.

1977 to 1982 - Sr Engineering (EOR Studies), Scientific Software

Provided the design specifications and all code development for the company's EOR miscible displacement simulation software. Additionally, conducted EOR engineering studies, and taught industry training classes worldwide.

1974 - Research Engineer, Marathon Research Center

Summer work and research grant recipient in college. Developed automatic history matching technique in conjunction with graduate studies research funded by Marathon Oil Company. Performed automatic history match of a Wilcox Sand Reservoir in Louisiana, U.S.A.


Graduate Studies in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Kansas, 130 hours - GPA 3.8, research topic: automatic history matching 1972-77

B. Sc. Chemical Engineering, University of Kansas, GPA 3.3 1967-1971


Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers.
Contributor, EOR Chapter of Reservoir Engineering for Geologists by AAPG


Breit, V.S., Bishop, K.A., Green, D.W. and Trompeter, E.E.: "Technique for Assessing and Improving the Quality of Reservoir Parameter Estimates Used in Numerical Simulators," 48th Fall Conference of SPE of AIME; Las Vegas, Nevada; October, 1973. SPE 4546.

Breit, V.S., Swift, G.W. and Bishop, K.A.: "A Unified Treatment of the Effects of Wellbore Storage and Variable Sandface Flow Rate on Gas Well Drawdown and Buildup Analysis," 51st Fall Conference of SPE of AIME; New Orleans, Louisiana; October, 1976. SPE 6135.

Breit, V.S., Bishop, K.A., Green, D.W. and McElhiney, J.E.: "Application of Sensitivity Analysis to Reservoir Simulation," 51 Fall Conference of SPE of AIME; New Orleans, Louisiana; October, 1976. SPE 6102.

Breit, V.S. and Mayer, E.H.: "Modeling Caustic Waterflood Demonstration Project in Ranger Zone Fault Block VII--Wilmington Field", First Pan American Petroleum Congress; Mexico City; March, 1979.

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Weiler, B.E., Saidikowski, R.M., and Breit, V.S.: "Design and History Matching of a Very Large Waterflood/Miscible Gas Flood Model of the Northwest Fault Block, Prudhoe Bay Alaska," 1994 SPE Fall Meeting; New Orleans, Louisiana; October 1994.

Breit, V.S., and Dozzo, J.A.; "State-of- the- Art" Integrated Studies Metholologies - An Historical Review", SPE #87032, 204 SPE Asia Pacific Conference on Integrated Modeling for Asset Management, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2004.




Reservoir Simulation

Courses on both theory and application including hands-on "simulation in practice" type training

Reservoir Engineering

Classical reservoir engineering methods

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Introductory overview of EOR techniques

Compositional Simulation

Unique aspects of compositional based simulation





3 dimensional, 3 phase general purpose miscible displacement finite difference simulator


Infill drilling predictive model developed for U.S. DOE.


Reservoir Engineering Studies Performed






Merchant Oil Company


East Cheyenne Field Gas
Storage Design


Complete integrated Study of large Colombian Oil field including uncertainty analysis.


Ecopetrol Colombia


Yarigui-Cantagallo Field


Predict performance of an old oil field under gas storage operations.


Ecopetrol Colombia


Gibraltor Field


Build model of new gas field and perform large uncertainty study of deliverability and gas in-place.


British Petroleum


Prudhoe Bay Alaska


Model impact of potential gas Sales using 24 CPU parallel compositional model of field.


Kuwait Oil Company


Lower Burgan Reservoir
North Kuwait


Integrated study of large sand-stone reservoir including prediction of infill-drilling.




Catedral Reservoir Chiapas


History match and predictions of compositional dual porosity gas condensate reservoir, with 60% CO2 content.




Devil's Tower
Off-Shore Gulf of


Simulation model of turbidite reservoirs in deep water Gulf of Mexico to guide field development.


Veritas / PEMEX


Carmito Reservoir


History match and predictions of compositional dual porosity gas condensate reservoir behavior.


British Petroleum


 EWE Reservoir
Prudhoe Bay


Miscible gas flood modeling predictions in support of operational planning activities.


Prudence Petroleum


Stub Creek
Off-Shore Nigeria


Simulation models for development planning in two large off shore lease blocks.




Block 30


Multiple reservoir multi-field model of fractured carbonate gas reservoirs with fractures distributed geo-statistically.




VLE305 Reservoir
Lake Maracaibo


Full field model of 180 well field, built using object modeling and geostatistical distribution of inter-well properties.


Cepsa / Sonatrach


Ourhoud Field


Full field model of large new discovery.



Prudhoe-Bay Alaska

Development of new full field compositional model of prodhoe Bay Field



Prudhoe-Bay Alaska

60,000 cell model of Northwest Fault Block for Optimizing field operations.



Endicott-Unit Alaska

Compositional study of proposed miscible gas injection project in 600 MMSTB reservoir


Whiting Petroleum

Sable Unit Texas

Simulation study of field CO2 flood performance and design for future operations.


General Atlantic

Sun Ranch Wyoming

Compositional study of gas cycling expansion in a volatile oil reservoir.




Hardesty (Oklahoma)


Feasibility study of gas cycling in a depleted oil reservoir


Diamond Shamrock


Roosevelt Creek


Alternate producing schemes for a (N.Dakota) near critical point fluid reservoir




Rhourde Nouss (Algeria)


Geological and reservoir simulation study to design gas cycling scheme.




Wheatland (Oklahoma)


Determine optimum water and gas injection scheme.


Oasis Oil


Gialo (Libya)


Reservoir engineering feasibility study for enhanced oil recovery




Tia Juana (Venezuela)


Simulation study water injection in reservoir after 30 years gas injection.




Torrance (California)


Feasibility study for a caustic flood in a flooded out reservoir.






Determine best platform location and rates for condensate reservoir.






Study miscible and immiscible CO2 flood in German reservoirs.


Amerada Hess


Beaver Lodge (N. Dakota)


Recovery projections for waterflood and miscible flood.




Seminole Unit (Texas)


Enhanced recovery study to optimize recovery for a miscible CO2 flood.




Wilmington (California)


Design a caustic flood and predict incremental recovery over waterflood.




Tor/Ekofisk (North Sea)


Primary depletion study of a fractured gas condensate reservoir.






Study of 30 years gas storage reservoir performance + effect on nearby fields.




Saertu (China)


Analysis of incremental oil recovery to be achieved.


Armerada Hess


Adair (Texas)


Feasibility study including scale-up to entire field for miscible CO2.




Raptor (Wyoming)


PVT, well test analysis, simulation for testing plans for condensate and volatile oil reservoirs (compositional simulation).


China Nat'l


Complete petrophysical, geological, simulation study of Gaotaizi zone.


American Petrofina

Garza (Texas)

Design CO2 flood using reservoir simulation (miscible simulation)


Washington Energy

Henry Unit Wyoming

Expansion of gas cycling operations in condensate reservoir (compositional).


Industry Study

Bakken Shale North Dakota

All reservoir engineering aspects of horizontal wells in fractured shale.


Columbia Gas

Cane Creek Utah

Horizontal well limits testing in a fractured formation.



Cotton Valley Louisiana

Automatic history match of gas reservoir.